Mission, Vision, & Values


Country Music Alberta's mission is to educate, support, promote, and celebrate all levels of Alberta country music talent and industry as the membership strives to achieve their goals, while encouraging Alberta-based companies to become involved in the organization.


The vision of Country Music Alberta is:

  • To provide a community of like-minded people a place to go for timely and accurate advice, knowledge, opportunity, and music industry expertise, and become THE credible resource for all Alberta country music industry inquiries and information
  • To increase membership and inspire confidence among our members by being accountable and actively following through on our mandate
  • To bring Country Music Alberta to the forefront of the country music community by becoming a valued, recognized, credible organization within the Canadian country music industry
  • To create a clear professional identity that is recognized through consistent branding and professional communications to instill membership pride with Country Music Alberta
  • To have an association that is thriving with a sustainable income and financial security to ensure we can continue to strive to achieve our mission and vision
  • To foster country music and present an annual awards show  and showcase provincial talent


The Country Music Alberta board will adhere to the following:

  • Effective, clear, concise communication to our membership and within the board
  • Be professional and informed on board  and association happenings
  • Be positive towards the Board, the association and the members and have compassion when communicating
  • Follow up and follow through on decision and commitments
  • To meet more regularly than the required two times per year (min number of times to be determined)
  • To learn, share and utilize the unique strengths of each board member
  • Adhere to an agreed upon email protocol
  • Promote Country Music Alberta to people and companies we encounter
  • Represent Country Music Alberta in a positive light and correct any misconceptions that exist
  • Portray a unified front and promote confidence in the association
  • Be kind, constructive, professional and ethical
  • Be proactive and forward-thinking, anticipating changes and impact on Country Music Alberta
  • Be active in meetings and in the industry
  • Be receptive and responsive to the membership so members feel confident and comfortable approaching the Board
  • Engage in a yearly strategic planning process
  • Listen to all ideas and be open minded
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