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Executive Director - Kami Van Halst (she/her)

Kami Van Halst is honored to assume the role of Executive Director for Country Music Alberta, bringing a wealth of experience and a deep-rooted passion for music to the organization. With a background as a rock artist, Kami offers a fresh perspective that promises to invigorate Alberta's country music scene. Kami's mission is to foster the growth of Alberta's country music community by supporting emerging talent and celebrating the rich musical heritage of the province. As Executive Director, Kami is dedicated to expanding opportunities and helping to write the next chapter in Alberta's country music legacy.

Board of Directors

Bill Hanson 2
President - Bill Hanson (he/him)

Bill Hanson has been a member of Country Music Alberta since its inception and has been a board member for the past 2 years. He has been in the music industry for 38 years. Bill began as a lead vocalist/bass player for numerous touring bands including 15 years with the band Kidd Country. He has continued in the industry as a manager, tour manager, sound tech, merch salesman, and almost everything in between. He is currently the Owner/CEO of H Factor Productions (formally known as Hanson Productions) and has been running the company full time for the last 16 years. He is also a proud father of 4 fabulous children, Jesse, Billie, Brett and Camryn. Bill continues to play with 3 of his children in The Hanson Jeans.

Jess LHeureux
Vice-President - Jessica L'Heureux (she/her)
Jessica’s focus has always been the live music industry through work, volunteer opportunities and most frequently - as a patron. As Alberta Music's Program Manager, Jess oversees showcase and export opportunities, and educational and networking events including the final year of Project Wild. She joins Alberta Music after five years as the Assistant Manager of Events and Programming at the Gateway. Jess continues to engage with the music community through work at the Calgary Stampede, and in artist management services.
When she’s not catching a concert, you can find Jess exploring Alberta and B.C. with her dog Reno. The devoted duo are always on the hunt for that perfect Instagram photo.
Brendan Lyons
Secretary - Brendan Lyons (he/him)

Currently residing in Edmonton, Brendan is an established freelance player, engineer, producer and educator. He is currently the full time touring drummer for 26x CCMA Award winning, 2x CMA Award winning country artist Gord Bamford. Brendan also currently serves as VP Operations and Customer Success for Vancouver based company Sessionwire Communications Inc - a startup focused on bringing creatives together through their innovative communications platform. Brendan has worked with numerous artists from across Canada in many different genres including The Road Hammers, Andrew Hyatt, Kelly Prescott, Aaron Goodvin, Shawn Austin, Hey Romeo, Celeigh Cardinal, Jojo Mason, Sons of Daughters, Meghan Patrick and many, many more.

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Treasurer - Brad Durand (he/him)

Brad Durand is a drummer and percussionist. He has been playing drums for 20 years. Brad plays for artists including Justin Hogg and Hailey Benedict, as well as freelancing across western Canada. He has been part of Country Music Alberta for the last 8 years. 

When he is not playing music, Brad works as a Certified Professional Accountant in the not-for-profit sector. Brad is excited to use his experience in both the music industry and in business to give back to Country Music Alberta and its members

Rob Cyrynowski
Director - Rob Cyrynowski (he/him)

Rob Cyrynowski is a multi award-winning, Canadian Music Industry Veteran, with nearly 30 years of Talent Buying, Booking Agency and Promoter experience and has been on the Canadian Country Music Association Board of Directors since 2017.

Rob is the President of both Livestar Entertainment Canada and Hotels Live. 2022 proved to be another banner year of working with Alberta Country Music Artists and Venue clients, booking artists of all levels at Cowboys Music Festival, Cowboys Dancehall, The Ranchmans, The King Eddy, Grey Eagle Event Centre & Casino, River Cree Casino, and WinSport Event Centre Arena, to name just a few…

Between 2014-2018, Rob was Vice President at Invictus Entertainment Group, where as an agent, he represented artists such as Brett Kissel, Gord Bamford, George Canyon, Emerson Drive, Emerson Drive, Cory Marks and Charlie Major. 12 CCMA’s were collectively won over that time at Invictus and one other was picked up in 1997, for Country Club of the Year at Cowboys Calgary, where Rob was Talent Buyer.

During these unprecedented COVID-19 times, Rob found a way to bring Live, in-person concert events safely back to the people with his business venture, called Hotels Live. Rob’s innovative entertainment concept, gave concert-goers a new way to experience live music by utilizing Hotel Balconies to safely view concerts, taking place from stage set-ups, on pool decks and in hotel atriums.

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Director - Angie Morris (she/her)

Angie Morris is the owner of Sirroma Entertainment and founder of the Diamonds in the Rough Stage which was created with the emerging artist in mind. This stage has grown immensely since its conception and has contributed to the many talented artists signed by labels, booking agents, and other managers. Many of these artists have been from Alberta.

Before forming her own company, along with her family, they owned and operated a restaurant/lounge that featured many touring artists such as Beverly Mahood, Gil Grande, Jamie Warren, Johnny Reid, Duane Steel, Trooper, and many other artists. The lounge space was also used for some Canadian Forces tour rehearsals featuring Lisa Brokop, Julian Austin, Kenny Shaw (comedian), and numerous other artists.
 Angie Morris has managed Drew Gregory for over 12 years. In that time he has been the Horizon Male Artist four times along with winning numerous other Country Music Alberta Awards and nominations.  Renegade Station garnered numerous Country Music Alberta awards during their seven years with Sirroma Entertainment before Renegade’s retirement. Recently added to the roster is Quinton Blair, a Manitoba award winning artist.

Angie had been on the Board of Directors for 6 years and enjoyed being part of and watching the growth of this organization to what it is today. Angie looks forward to continuing to assist with the growth of Country Music Alberta and the talented artists that form its membership and artists from across Canada.

“Every artist given the correct tools and opportunities, will achieve individual success!”

Chard Morrison
Director - Chard Morrison (he/him)

Creative, committed, focused, and passionate are a few words to summarize Chard’s dedication to the country music industry over his career as a professional songwriter.  Being a songwriter, he has developed unique talents in being able to orchestrate the process details from song idea to marketing strategy, and also collaborate with and learn from all levels of music the industry from established Icons to the newest independent artists. Chard’s range of creative and business experience has qualified him to become one of Western Canada’s most sought after consultants for numerous boards both in the music industry and private sector in governance and strategy. He prides himself on being accountable and serving as a translator between all sectors and experience levels involved in a project or initiative all while on the lookout for the next perfect rhyme.

Tera Lee Flaman
Director - Tera Lee Flaman (she/her)

Tera Lee Flaman is an Alberta-based music industry professional whose superpower is relationships. With an extensive background in radio, her passion is to help Canadian Country artists navigate their careers, radio releases, and the music industry in general. She has worked with artists at every level including Gord Bamford, Nice Horse, Ryan Langlois, The Prairie States and more.

Flaman has worn many hats throughout her career including singer, songwriter, and musician, receiving a CCMA nomination for Rising Star in 2004.  As a radio personality she is a five-time CCMA On-Air Personality of the Year winner. She is an accomplished live show producer and has produced all eight of the CCMAs Legends Show and the past three Country Music Alberta Awards shows.

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Director - Tom Barker (he/him)

An accomplished performer, radio host & event producer, Tom Barker is no stranger to the entertainment business. Beginning his career in entertainment as a content creator, photographer and designer and moving through the industry learning a multitude of disciplines, , Tom brings an advanced understanding of what makes an incredible event. Through 4 years of Top 40 and Country radio, Tom learned not only what it means to support local artists, but how to create full and diverse lineups to truly embody equity and equality in every way. Named 2022 & 2023’s Entertainer Of The Year as Tom’s alter-ego “Birthday Girl”, he is committed to creating spaces for EVERY entertainer to shine in their truest form. Tom Barker radiates charisma and energy, giving you everything you need in one, fully formed package.

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Director - Emma Harding (she/her)

Emma Harding is a voice and artist development coach with over 20 years of experience in training beginners to multi-platinum selling artists.

Emma has travelled the world to train with internationally recognized voice coaches and shares this knowledge as well as her own unique philosophies and methods with her clients through her company, Rockit Vocal Studios. She has toured as an artist herself and is passionate about helping others develop their skills, so they are empowered to continue creating and sharing their music with confidence.

The daughter of an established musician, Emma grew up in a home that was also a recording studio.  Her first word was Mic-Mic (Music) and she discovered her passion for the industry on tours, in recording sessions and at rehearsals with her father where she got to learn first hand from legends like Ronnie Dio and Jon Lord, which kick started her musical career and developed a strong understanding of the intricate workings of the industry from a very early age.

Her diverse educational background includes graduating from the London Music School, completing the artist management program at CMI, the Music Business course at Berklee and achieving her voice health certification. She is enrolled in the mental health informed practitioner certification, focusing on the affects of the music industry and its practices on artist’s mental wellness.

As well as managing Rockit Vocal Studios for the past 11 years, Emma was selected to bring her musical expertise to the community as the Musical Artist in Residence at the Calgary library, and as the voice coach for CMI’s AE West program. She serves as a coach for TV & production companies including The Jim Henson Company.  She also has experience in broadcasting, having worked with Newcap Radio both on air and behind the scenes and at JACK FM as the promotions director. 

Absolutely honoured to step into her new role on the Board of Directors for Country Music Alberta, Emma will continue to be a passionate ambassador and advocate for ensuring artists can connect, learn, create and share their music with authenticity, consistency and confidence, with the big picture goal of supporting the growth of the music industry from it’s very center, being, the artists who are creating the music.